Hold onto the love you have for me regardless of what anybody in the world may think.

I do not usually talk about how you love me; I tell you I love you.

There are many things you do from the perspective of your love toward me.

When you realized I love you, your life changed in many ways.

You have put a lot of effort into our relationship through the years because you love my forgiveness that changed your heart.

Every story about your life you think about contains the power of the Holy Spirit even before you realized I am with you.

There have been times when I moved in mighty ways to guard and protect you from the enemy of your soul.

You do not see what I am doing around you because you are not sensitive enough to feel my presence everywhere you go.

I am directing you to do many things you would not do without my voice guiding you.

You need to watch the people around you more actively than you do.

The opportunity to see my influence on people is not seen by you very often.

Hold onto the gifts I am teaching you to use.

I am bringing more sensitivity to your spiritual life every day.