You have no idea what I will say to you that is different from any other day.

Your life is not much different today than in the past few years.

What I say to you today is not what I will tell you tomorrow.

I repeat many subjects because you need to recognize you are alive and forget many things.

We have talked about many facts you know, like it takes you many times to learn particular things.

You do not need me to preach to you.

The Blood of Jesus Christ is part of your everyday life.

It is not your job to assume you will not hear anything new from me.

Your life is more important to me than you realize.

What I say to you is part of everything you are doing in your spiritual life.

This writing time with me in public is because more people can live this small part of your life with you.

I am speaking to you the same as any other day, and it is still remarkable from your perspective that you hear my voice.

You need to take this same expectation and wonder to the next level, and believe I will do more with your prayers.