I just started talking to you a few times, and you do not think what I said is relevant to what you are going through now.

It is your job to write what I say to you regardless of how it sounds to you while you are typing.

Every time you read these words in the future, your soul leaps with joy at how my words touch you each time.

We have had similar conversations in the past about how you are looking for different words from me.

Your choice is to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and listen to me.

I talk to each person in the world every day; you hear what I am saying to you.

It is not your job to convince anybody to listen to Jesus Christ or believe I am speaking to you.

You have more peace in your life when you let go of caring about what other people think.

I am directing you to focus on what you can do.

Let go of what other people want you to do.

The Holy Spirit gives you the peace to see past your daily mistakes.

You should be watching what you are doing; it is enough work to live your life.

I am speaking to you more than you hear.