I will give you the directions you need to move forward in your daily life.

You need to let more peace enter your mind as you see what I show you each day.

These visions of the future need more than your effort to be completed.

You are confused because you want to accomplish what I show you with your hands only.

What I have shown you will take more than your effort to complete.

I am helping you in ways you will not comprehend.

You do not have to understand what is happening with your life.

Your mind is looking for solutions to problems where there is no answer.

You have to live your life to see the future.

I will not tell you what will happen to you outside of general directions for your life.

Time and chance will have the same effect on your life as anybody else.

Regular people will decide to start listening to my voice; their life will change in ways that are better for them.

You need to remember how your life was thirty years ago.

There is no comparison between what you are going through now and what happened in the past.

Embrace the joy that is in your daily life.