This regular conversation between us has been the same for many years.

I do not preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to you.

This writing exercise is not for reaching out to millions of people with a message of salvation.

It may seem simple for you to write these words, but they are your direction for life.

This writing exercise is an advanced class for you with your faith in Jesus Christ.

There are millions of people that do not know they can hear my voice.

I live inside everybody who wants to believe that I am more than a character in a book.

You live in a world full of friendship with Jesus Christ every day.

The Holy Spirit flows through everybody on the planet.

Many people do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You live differently because of your daily interactions with me.

I am telling you these words to inform you this writing is more than you let yourself acknowledge.

This part of your life where you interact with me every day has become a focal point of what you do every day.

Do not judge this daily work as a time taker.

Enjoy the friendship we have together while you learn how to live with my daily presence in your life.