The easy conversation is the one where you listen to me instead of getting distracted by anything else.

There are too many times where your mind grabs my Holy Spirit’s peace and thinks clearly about other things.

It is not your fault that you think better when the Holy Spirit touches you.

I am talking about more than the usual touching by the Holy Spirit.

When you hear my voice, there is a clarity of thought that allows you to think better.

This part of our relationship is a spiritual connection you do not understand.

The power of the Blood of Jesus is more than you can put into words.

I bring your distractions to your attention because I want you to notice what happens when we talk.

You are more creative when you listen to me because I am the creator of everything.

Your mind is opening up to the options available to you when you hear me speak to you.

It is better that you listen to me and then do your assignments because your mind thinks better after talking.

I am more than the voice in your head, especially when you are in pain and asking for help.