What you do with your time is dependent upon your choice.

You know that choices usually mean long-term action on your part.

When you chose something, those choices mean long-term action in your mind.

Let go of the serious nature of your mental attitude you get from looking to the future.

Live your life today while you are aware of the choices you have made in the past.

You can have fun without being serious about every decision you have made.

Let the peace you live with move you closer to every thought you have so you can make better decisions.

You get mentally concerned with every action you make because you know I see everything you do.

I have regular conversations with you during the day; it does not mean you have to fear your actions.

I see the actions of every person on the planet.

You do not see my judgment on the planet full of people who act wickedly in my sight.

I know you want to do more things than what you are doing every day.

Your life is not somebody else’s life.

The actions you take are unique to you.

Accept my friendship as an awareness of your daily walk with Jesus Christ.