When you use your opinion to judge facts, many times you are wrong.

You get many things right when you see the correct facts or hear my voice speaking to you.

Since you have heard my voice, you are correct more times than in the past.

I am not talking about basic facts in front of your face.

Sometimes you use your judgment to make factual statements; usually, you are wrong.

When you tell people the words I give you to say to them, they think you are smarter than you are.

It is not your job to understand what is happening in the spiritual world around you.

Listen to the words I give to you every day so your life will be better.

When more people decide to respond to the Holy Spirit speaking to them, their life will be better.

You are one of many people who are my regular friends.

We have many more adventurous things we will be doing in the future.

It is your faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ that needs to keep growing closer to me.

There are more spiritual gifts you have that you are not aware of right now.

I will help you to learn more about yourself as we talk every day.