You are your mental problem when you let your curiosity bring your attention to many things that do not matter.

Let go of all the thoughts about what I can say to you and listen to what I am saying to you.

There is more to what we do here than proclaiming that Jesus Christ is alive and speaking to you.

We are friends in a way that is not like your other friends.

Let go of your idea of what the God of all creation should say to you, and listen to me.

You should not expect me to act toward you any other way than I have in the past.

I let you know many things about your character regularly.

When you interact with people, sometimes I give you insight into that person or what they are saying.

You often do not hear what I tell you about many of the situations you face each day.

Sometimes your faith does not believe some things I may say to you.

What you know is when you read these words in the future, they inspire your faith differently than when you write them.

I see more than I will tell you about your life because it’s time to live your life.