You are determined to pursue a verbal relationship with me every day.

Regardless of how hard I make it for you to hear my voice, you continue to pursue the Holy Spirit.

All of the time it takes for you to listen to me and write these words is a bonus to your life.

I do not pay you to use your time for my purpose.

You will do what I say to you regardless of the personal cost it takes for your life.

The vision of heaven is with you every day and has sustained you through everything life has thrown at you.

There is no balance between good and bad actions.

Every day of your life, you decide what you think is the right thing for you to do that day.

I see everything that touches your life; you see a little part of what is happening to you.

The exact words you use to describe yourself are humble compared to who you are in reality.

Many people have the bravery to stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the many tasks you experienced is bringing the Holy Spirit to the people on the streets.

Let my anointing flow over your life and be happy with what happens each day.