The list of things we talk about is beyond your knowledge.

When you have other friends, there is something to talk about regularly.

You can pick what you will hear from me like your other friends.

What has happened is your questions to me have gone beyond basic information.

I have given you a general insight into many aspects of the Holy Bible.

You have more to do than listen to what I say; you need to participate in your life.

Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is not the only reason to make Heaven your home.

I will give you a better life because of the insight into what you do every day.

There are many more things I do than chat with you every day.

This writing is merely part of what is happening when we meet every day.

Let go of the thought that I am limited in any fashion.

I am not you; I am doing things outside of your awareness every day.

You miss a lot of what I am saying to you because your focus is on many things.

Do not worry about what you do not hear me say to you.

Enjoy the life you have every day while you are alive.