What you want to hear is what I will say to you sometimes.

It is good for you to listen to me speak because it helps your soul every day.

The process of spiritual growth is different for each person.

In many ways, your life has changed into the person you are now.

Sometimes, it bothers you that you have to continue to pursue a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your perseverance in doing these little tasks has altered many parts of your life you do not see.

Some people see what is happening in your life because of the way you talk to them.

Let the Holy Spirit peace into your mind more so you will have a peaceful mindset every day.

It is easy to get caught up in the problems that you are facing every day.

There is a peaceful transition going on in your life that will be gone soon.

Take this peace for a prolonged mental change that may help you more in the future.

Putting many of your life issues into perspective will help you make better decisions.

I am doing more than you will ever see while we walk together in your life.