You do not know what is happening with your life because you need to increase your faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I am saying that you are not stupid; you know what you are doing every day.

The problem you have is you do not know what I am doing with your life.

Do not let your lack of information about what we are doing keep you from being happy.

Most of the worry you get is how you are supposed to be the leader of this spiritual movement.

You are the person who I called to do specific actions you are currently doing.

I am the leader of the movement of people that hear my voice all over the world.

Your job is to encourage people to listen to my voice.

Let go of the thought that you can know what I am doing with this spiritual movement.

When you attempt to figure out what Jesus Christ is doing, you will be wrong like everybody else in the past.

Part of what I am doing with your life is opening your eyes to a spiritual world where Jesus Christ interacts with people.

These words I have you write helps many people consider listening to what I am saying to them.