You refuse to let go of what you think is right or wrong.

When you won’t do a particular action, it does not matter how much anybody pressures you to do something.

There are many things you do that are not right, but you do them.

This hard-headed attitude you have makes you valuable as a good friend.

You do not care if you are right or wrong when the principles you hold as valuable are an issue.

When I tell you to do something, you will do those actions regardless of what anybody thinks about you.

I am not asking you to break the law.

Standing up for your faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is part of your life.

I see the reasons why you take every action in your life.

Every person lives with my awareness of each of their thoughts as they think them.

I bring creativity to the mind of each person as they live their life.

The integration of the Holy Spirit with each person is very detailed.

Let go of your fear of what I will do each moment.

The Blood of Jesus Christ is part of your daily life.

I am helping you to see where your faith in Jesus Christ needs help.