It is easy for you to start listening to what I say to you.

Let go of the ramblings your mind takes you to when I speak to you.

When you focus on me, you can hear what I say to you without interruption.

Most of the time you write any of these words, you stop many times to contemplate what I am saying to you.

There is a different conversation we have when you write these pages in one sitting or several.

One set of writings is not any better than the next.

All of these writings are a conversation between you and Jesus Christ.

These words seem similar so many times because you have to learn many similar things.

I will talk to you like a friend, and friends say many similar things to other conversations they had.

You give me a lot of respect because you know you are talking to the God of all creation.

There will never be a time when you remember everything I say to you, so you keep learning to live with me.

Remembering everything is something you do not have as a skill.

You remember many things that seem important to you.

There are more things you need to learn that will help you in the future.

I will give you the wisdom to accomplish more than you are doing now.