It is not easy to write off your abilities when you put your attention to any detail.

Sometimes you take a while, but you find what you need to accomplish anything within your ability.

You do not see what I am doing because I do not let you know what I am doing.

There is enough work and mental stress in your life attempting to do your regular work.

I have added this monstrous amount of work to your regular life that takes a lot of your time.

Working on your website as the rules keep changing is a lot of work.

Many people do not have any idea what it takes to connect with Jesus Christ every day.

The example you set by putting in your time to write these pages affects each person differently.

Let your mental peace help your focus after we talk.

I do not leave you at any time.

Your mind can connect to me better if you let your mind be more peaceful than it is every day.

It is not your job to fix the world.

The job you have is to fix your attitude every day when you face things you do not like.

Listen to me closely while I give you better directions for your daily life.