There is no magical way you can talk to me to make me do whatever you want at any time.

I hear everything you say to me whenever you want to pray to me or talk to anybody about anything.

You have come to learn that you only have to talk, and I hear everything you say to me.

Your ability to hear what I say has changed your life in many ways that are noticeable to many people.

No issue of faith will overcome who I am when it comes to acting the way I want.

I hear your requests, and I answer you according to my goodness and mercy.

You can’t expect to say anything without my noticing your thoughts about anything you think.

I notice everything that is happening in the world at all times.

The width and depth of what I notice are remarkable on any scale you can think of in your lifetime.

Let go of the limits you place on yourself and upon what I can do.

You guess a lot of what I say to you while making your decisions every day for your life.

I tell you to be peaceful because that helps you notice what you should do every day.