The opportunity you see in your life is what I want you to see.

There is more going on with what I am doing with you than you see right now.

You see the world differently than anybody else for many reasons.

Your directions have changed by the relationship you have with Jesus Christ.

Many people have a conversational relationship with me.

You do not have the exact directions as the next person you see.

It does not matter what anybody is doing; you have to listen to me for what I am saying to you.

Many times, it seems this road you are following is full of tedious tasks to follow each day.

When you read some of the words you type, the Holy Spirit touches your heart each time.

You have become sensitive to many spiritual activities you come across each day.

This world you live in is not the same as what you think it is at any time.

You have to learn how to integrate each of these situations you face into who you are every day.

Let your mental peace help you to see what you should be doing.

I will turn your attention to those things that will help your life be better for you.