You find beauty in the city that a lot of people do not see.

A lot of people see beauty wherever they go.

It is better for you to focus on the beautiful part of life you see every day.

When you have a peaceful mindset, it is easier for you to hear any direction I may be giving to you.

I am telling you more about following my voice in this way because you do this writing well.

There are many other people writing words I ask them to write, but they are not you.

You have the tenacity to stick with what you believe I say to you.

All of this writing is not so you can learn the future from me.

We are doing this, so you will hear what I say to you better.

This writing project on the computer has refined your skill at listening to the voice of Jesus Christ.

Let go of the thought that you have to restrain yourself when it comes to your belief in Jesus Christ.

I am stretching your faith in Jesus Christ to see you are more than you realize.

Let go of the words other people have planted in you that say you will do nothing much with your life.

Embrace the love of the Holy Spirit, which surrounds you every day.

Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.