I do not stutter at all when I speak to you, James.

You can hear me when you are in crowded places with a lot of noise around you.

There is no graduation for you until you die and are in Heaven.

You know you are with me now; there is no waiting to communicate with me until you reach Heaven.

Too many churches preach that you join me in Heaven when I am here with everybody like the Holy Bible says.

I am leading many people to some fundamental Holy Bible truths like Jesus Christ is risen and is alive now.

The Holy Bible authors are people from the past.

These writings you make are for anybody that believes Jesus Christ is alive and talking to you.

I do not care if the people reading these words believe Jesus Christ is talking to you.

If anybody reaches out to me with the faith that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, they can hear my voice.

There is a faith issue with most people in the world regarding the belief that Jesus Christ is alive.

It is too easy to hide your lack of faith in Jesus Christ behind a wall of people telling you crazy people hear my voice.

I do many things with people that listen to me and with each person that believes in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.