Your mind regularly thinks about what you are supposed to do differently from what you are doing now.

This ministry of encouraging people to listen to my voice is only part of what you are doing.

Your life is changing in many ways that will allow you to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit every day.

I can help you grasp more of what I am talking about because you have spent a lot of time listening to me.

We have more to do that will require you to be more sensitive than you are now.

Let your mind be peaceful to accept more of what you are going through with our conversations.

I will be revealing more of your spiritual gifts that you do not see because you need to exercise them.

There is more to do with your life than follow the lead of other people.

You are in the middle of exploring some of the gifts I have shown you in the past.

This peace of the Holy Spirit you have is more than you have experienced in the past.

I am giving you more directions than you realize because you are working on many of them.

You should spend some time thinking about what you are doing with Sheep Hear.