There is no delay to anything you do when you add purpose to your actions.

With no purpose, you can rest or do whatever you want to do.

Many times I give you directions that add directions from the God of all creation to your life.

All of these writings are part of your mission from God.

You take your actions like they are a normal part of everyday living.

I do not make you do anything out of the ordinary course of life.

True believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ are ordinary people leading ordinary lives.

Many people hear my voice and have their ordinary lives also.

One of the reasons I have you encouraging people to listen to me is so they will get to know me.

Many people will listen to what I say to them because of the ministry I gave to you.

You have had many ministries that changed other people’s lives because you listen to what I say to you.

This task of listening to my voice each day for your directions helps your life every day.

Daniel is right in his observation that you will do whatever I ask you to accomplish.

I will give you more wisdom to handle more objectives in your life.