Regardless of what you think while listening to me, every word I speak to you is for your benefit.

Your life is not as adventurous as it was when you were on the streets preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This time we spend on the computer and in private, I teach you about yourself for your daily benefit.

Your attitude towards every situation has a peaceful mental effect on your decisions.

Hold onto the day you spend in peace.

Do not pay attention to anybody that wants you to stress over any decision you make.

You can take care of any issue in life with a peaceful mindset.

I have to mention this subject of peace because you are easily passionate about many things regularly.

You do not know everything happening around you each day, and it would overwhelm your mind if you did.

A positive, peaceful mental attitude helps you regardless of what is happening in front of you each day.

Your life is not limited to what you see with your eyes.

The Holy Spirit is a powerful aid to you every day of your life.

I am helping you in many ways you see and do not see wherever you go each day.