There is no such thing as writers’ block between us; there is only paying attention to me or not.

It is easy to pay attention to the loud noise in the background instead of my voice.

Each of the conversations we have are part of our friendly chat together.

Usually, we have short conversations about whatever you are thinking about at the time.

Your attention is not required for you to hear what I say.

When it comes to writing these words, you should listen to what I say to you peacefully.

Do not let your distractions take your attention in different directions.

All of these words mean more to you when you have a peaceful mindset.

Let go of the worry you hold about what is happening in your daily life.

There is more to do than work for a living.

This extra work I give you is part of what I am doing with you.

Your life is the part of the equation you do not consider very often.

The hard-headed attitude you have refuses to let worry hold your attention very long.

I am telling you that even holding onto worry for a short time affects your life.