I am with you in ways you will never know, James.

You hear me speak to you every day about many different subjects.

I do not micromanage every part of your life.

Sometimes I give you step-by-step directions because you need help and do not know it.

I often teach you to listen to me in many different ways so you will be more sensitive to my voice.

You are learning to look at life differently than in your youth.

Most people do not learn very much when they grow older.

You do not want to hear how much you have learned; you want to keep growing.

I need to remind you of many things like gathering your peace and many more topics that I regularly discuss.

You want everything you envision now because you can see a tiny part of what will happen in the future.

Let go of all your delusions and focus on the world you live in now.

Live your life now in your mind to get to the future, which is yours.

You will be learning many things as I expand your awareness to more than what you see every day.

Hold onto the day you are alive because you will die and be in Heaven with me in the future.