It is easy to tell yourself you will do something that does not need to be complete.

When you put yourself on a timetable in your mind, usually, those tasks get completed.

Let go of the hardness you place on yourself when something is not complete without a schedule.

You need to be more relaxed because you have plenty of work without adding more to what you have to do.

Lately, you have been getting a lot of rest; this rest you are getting will change back to a regular work schedule.

You have to do many things that this time is giving you to complete.

There is a lot of work that takes some time to learn from your perspective.

When you learn these new tasks, they will take a couple of minutes instead of taking a lot of time.

There have been many different changes you have made with the Sheep Hear website.

You will integrate these new changes into what you are doing every day.

This ministry will be supported by more than the sweat of your brow at work.

There are many things you have to learn to complete everything you need for these changes.

I will give you the wisdom to move forward with my daily anointing.