You are full of emotions because you live a life of passion.

It doesn’t matter that you can harden your heart to the rest of the world and its problems.

Your life is full of joy that can’t be limited by what you mentally place on yourself.

You do not let yourself hold onto a genuine peace with the Holy Spirit because you wonder if this is the right thing for you.

Let go of the doubt about being a man that is with God you hold in your soul.

You know the Holy Spirit intimately and will not be deceived by the devil anymore.

Absorb the life that is yours and take the walk of your life with me to help you.

Reach out to me with honest conversations that we can have together.

I call you my friend; you are too afraid of me to hold onto this power I give you every day.

These visions I give you take you to a leap of hope that I will do more than you want for your life.

You can’t see how I can do more than a powerless figment of our imagination.

The Holy Bible is part of your life, and this life we have together is real.

Take my hand as we walk together in a closer life with each other.