Let go of the notion that I have to give you the secrets of the universe every time we talk.

I do not waste my time telling you things that you do not need to know.

You like to know many things you do not understand and ask me many questions about them.

Many times you ask me questions that are not relevant to your life or none of your business.

This world you live in has plenty of aspects you will never understand.

What may be a mystery to you is common knowledge to many other people.

A lot of what you ask me will take you regular research on the internet or in books.

I give you information on people you are talking with when you are talking to them.

This wisdom from me to you about other people is so you can help those people.

I do not give you information about people that is none of our business.

The wisdom I give you about people is usually about a situation you are discussing with that person.

Your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit helps you hear me at critical times of your life.

This work we do together sharpens your sensitivity so you can hear me better.