Lots of things are easy to understand when you look at them differently.

You are in the process of continual change for a long time.

It is easier to learn new things when you are younger.

There is more effort you have to place on learning new things since you are older.

The advantage you have in your life is I am giving you the wisdom you need to learn new things.

Listen to me closely, James; there are many more things you have to learn every day.

Most people in their life have to learn new things to live better lives.

You have many more things you will learn because you are curious about many topics.

It is not enough for you to place your vision on Heaven.

You know Heaven is all around you, and you have to look at what is going on around you every day.

It is easy to get caught up in how you used to think about the world you live in every day.

Open your mind to the peaceful awareness of the Holy Spirit giving you help in your life.

Stop the fighting in your mind about what I will do and watch what is happening around you.

I am around you every day.