What I said to you a couple of minutes ago is not what we are talking about now.

Your life is simpler than you realize because you do not spend a lot of time comparing yourself to others.

There are many life lessons you learned in your youth that work every day of your life.

What I have been teaching you is private to you.

Nobody would know most of what I say to you without all of this writing.

I will tell you what you should hear from me.

When you guess what I am going to say to you, it usually brings you some problems.

You like to anticipate what anybody says to you and lose out on their information for you.

Learn to have more peace in every aspect of your daily life.

I am touching you every day with wisdom and direction for your life.

Slow down your mental process, so you will see what you are doing with more peace.

Let your mind be peaceful with what you see in front of you every day.

This mental peace you can have will make your life happier in many ways.

I will let you see more daily options for your life as you grow closer to me.