What you are going through in your life with this interaction you have with me is beyond your understanding.

I am not explaining myself to you when you ask me why you are writing these words.

Some people that read these words think you are writing a sermon because I am touching them.

Let go of any explanation you have for your actions and be the person you are supposed to be every day.

When it comes to many people following my voice, your main objective should be to listen to me.

Any action you take from what I tell you is something you work out in your life.

Every person will find their way in life with or without hearing what I say to them.

The advantage you have is a friendship with me that gives you insight into your daily life.

You have the same life as anybody else when it comes to contests and games.

The rules of time and chance affect each person according to what they do each day.

These visions and conversations I have with you are personal to your life.

You would not put anything in writing if I did not tell you to do this project.

I will give you a peaceful outlook beyond what you know right now.