It does not matter how often you are wrong; you still have to live your life.

If life would end with mistakes, then the world would be empty of people.

In your times of listening to me, it is easy to get some words wrong.

You hear me correctly every time.

What happens with you is the correct translation of what I say to you.

My voice is more than some words you hear; it is touching your life.

All of this learning is part of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Let go of your fear of getting my words wrong and listen to what I am saying to you.

You generally hear me most of the day and only sometimes get the nuances of my voice wrong.

Ten years ago, you would be missing most of what I told you.

It is your tenacity to keep your focus on Jesus Christ that is making a difference for you.

You might think that a lot of this writing is boring when it is a regular part of your life.

Each day we talk about different topics because I am your friend.

There is no end to our friendship.

I will keep talking to you your entire life.