It is easy to say anything you want when the truth is what you should say.

You can be silent when somebody wants information you are not willing to tell other people.

The important person to tell the truth to is yourself.

You like to say it is easy to lie to yourself, which is true because the delusion is easier to live with sometimes.

Your daily tasks can take more of your attention than they should.

It is simple for you to focus on any task you need to complete.

I want you to focus more on your life and what you need to do for yourself.

When I speak to you at the computer, you notice many more things because you are peaceful.

This peace I bring you gives you more of a normal state of your mind.

You can focus with a peaceful mindset when you do not let anxiety be your focus.

Let go of the stress you bring yourself over what will happen in your daily life.

I am walking and talking with you wherever you go.

If you let worry overwhelm you, it will not change the future.

Let your mind hold onto the peace you need to feel better every day.