It does not matter how much you find out about who and what I am.

You will never understand what the God of all creation is doing at any one time.

Anybody who observes anything about me is attempting to understand something like the wind.

My effects on the world are magnificent and barely perceptible by most people.

I am touching each person in the world in ways that are unique to that person.

Everybody in the world has some form of perception of who I am.

Most people do not recognize me as the creator of everything.

The Holy Spirit is touching each person wherever they go.

You hear my voice calling to you, and you barely notice my presence.

Let go of your thoughts about what you see everywhere.

If you had different senses, you would see me differently than you do now.

You need to learn how to absorb more of what you hear me say to you every day.

What you hear me say every day has altered how you interact with everybody.

Let your mind absorb the peace I am giving you in new ways.

Your life is moving forward with many new projects that you need to see better.

Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.