What I say to you can be a simple word or two to guide you the way you need to go.

You do not spend your day wondering what I will say to you.

When you sit here to write these words, you give yourself an apprehension you do not need to have.

It is easier to hear what I say to you when you do not get anxious about what I will tell you.

I can be doing more things with you than scolding you about your attitudes.

Your attitude is what most of these writings are about when you read the words.

The way you approach everything in your life is crucial to many parts of your life.

It is easier to live without getting angry over many different things that happen in front of you.

I am giving you important insight into the way you live your life every day.

You get stuck in some of the things other people have said to you about how the Holy Spirit moves in seasons.

I am not the one who changes, and the Holy Spirit is one with me.

What changes in life are the people who lose their will to keep changing with what I say to them.


Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.