There are many people connected to me that do not hear what I am saying to them.

The faith required to believe Jesus Christ is alive in this world is not easy in the modern world like it was before.

There is a constant attack on people reaching out to other people with faith in Jesus Christ.

You do not spend time talking about how you are anything else than a friend of mine.

What you hear me tell you is simple daily wisdom that helps your perspective about many things.

I have a friendship with you so that you can be my friend.

The tasks I give you help your life in different ways.

Listen to your ideas; they can help you when you are peaceful.

I give you many of my opinions that you do not hear me say to you.

Have more peace in your mind about what you hear me say to you.

You have to believe more faithfully that what I say to you will help you.

There are many more kinds of things we will be doing for many years together.

The blessings I give you are abundant in your daily life.

Let go of doubts you regularly have about my speaking to you.

I will continue to do things with you that you will have to find out in the future.


Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.