When I say you are not where you should be, I am talking about your mind.

You are supposed to have more peace when the world does not seem right to you.

I walk with you every day, giving you companionship in a way most people do not know.

You don’t want to ask me for many things because you know I hear everything you say.

I hear everybody in the world when they pray to me.

The movie you saw of the young lady who wrote letters to me touched your heart.

I see your heart and what you want to happen with your life.

It is your motivation to do the right thing in the world regardless of what anybody thinks.

Open your faith in Jesus Christ to allow me to bring you to new places in your mind.

Your simple faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ keeps growing in new ways.

Open your ears to hear some simple things I am telling you to help you.

This world you live in is more aware of you than you know.

I am blessing many people that read these word and watch your videos regularly.

You are a man of God that I am training to be more spiritual than you are right now.


Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.