You do not know what will happen when I talk to you at any time.

Your life is continually changing like everybody else in the world.

There is no point in the world where everybody will stop living their life.

Every day you have to be alive for what will happen that day.

Often you wonder why I do not tell you many things to make you rich or famous.

I have told you that time and chance are at play in the daily life of each person.

There are many things I do that I do not tell people about at any time.

It is not your business to know what I do.

The God of all creation answers to what I tell myself to do.

You have to learn to tell yourself more direct tasks to make your life better every day.

I am giving you some guidance every day.

If you do not work on what you need to do, nothing happens for you.

You know how to plan your work and do the job to accomplish your tasks.

Your mind is strong in wisdom and the peace I give to you.

I give you many opinions on what you think when you live your life.


Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.