What I say to you during the day has an impact on how you think every day.

It does not matter if you understand what I am saying to you at any time.

I am having an impact on your life that is altering many aspects of your daily life

What you listen to every day is what comes into your life.

There are things you think that add a particular impact on your life as well.

Your mind is actively looking at what is happening to you every day.

You do not usually think of your mind having an impact on your life.

Everything you think about can alter the decisions you make each day.

I am not wasting your time talking about the impact of your mind on your life.

There are things you are not aware of in your life that need your focus.

When you learn something, your focus changes.

You are learning many new things each day that are altering the way you see the world.

It is more challenging to learn new things because you have many things on your mind already.

I am helping you to learn new things that you need to know for the future.


Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.