Hold onto your hard-headed attitude that will not turn aside from following Jesus Christ.

There are enough people that will not take a stand for my name.

You have stood firm in your convictions for my name in many situations.

The time to stand for me is a continuous cycle in your life.

This writing process is a statement that I am alive and speaking to you.

Many people stand up for my name on this planet.

It is not your job to judge anybody who does not have the faith to believe I have resurrected from the dead.

You have seen many things that prove to you that I am alive.

I have told you many things that have not occurred.

It takes time for some things to happen that I have told you about in the past.

I have told you some things that require specific actions on your part for them to happen.

Mostly, you have to stand up with your faith in Jesus Christ regularly.

The new videos you make are a new way for people to see how you interact with me.

More people will be interacting with you spiritually in the future.

I am touching the hearts of many people that read these pages.

Videos with Servant James

Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.