What you are thinking about at any time is not as important as who you are in your life.

There is no one point in your life that you are better than any other.

You need to be nicer to yourself than you are right now.

I am watching what you do, but you know your life better than anybody else.

This peace that the Holy Spirit brings you is suitable for many things in your life.

Peace is not just the absence of sound; it is a still mental attitude while the rest of the world moves around you.

I am helping you have more peace than meditation will bring you.

My word to you is more than the Holy Bible; it is every word you hear me speak to you.

Every word you are writing is full of my anointing on anybody that wants to get closer to me.

It takes an act of faith in Jesus Christ to believe that I speak to you every day.

Most people do not believe I am alive.

You used to wonder if the Holy bible were a work of fiction.

All of the time you hear my voice, your faith in me changes in new ways.

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Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.