You need to have more peace in your mind than you do right now.

I tell you many times that peace will help you.

It is a simple thing to tell you to have more faith, peace, love, and sensitivity.

The action of enhancing your emotions is something you need to work on each day actively.

You can’t stop letting the Holy Spirit change your perspective so that you will notice me more.

When you die, you will find out that the process of spiritual maturity still needs your attention.

Too often, you think you have arrived at some point where you do not need to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Keep your mind on the directions you have to work on each day.

Writing the words the God of all creation speaks to you is an inspiration to many people.

Every time you read these words, you are amazed at the way your heart feels.

I am the one who will help you to inspire other people to have more faith.

My Holy Spirit touches the heart of all the true believers who find this place of heavenly insights.

You see that there are people all over the planet who look at what you write every day.

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Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.