I am telling you to let go of many ideas you have that are a little wrong.

Your perspective at any time is how you look at what you see from your bias of the world.

Every person has a biased opinion of the world because that is how we learn to live.

You have to make a decision about what you see every day you live.

Simple statements are what I am making you look at James.

You know many things about everyday life.

I am making you re-evaluate what you know so you have a new perspective about what you already know.

There are things you need to hold onto in your mind while seeing your life differently.

You don’t have to re-learn your entire life.

I am bringing you through this process to help you be aware that there are many more opinions than you see.

Your mind needs to have more peace with the world you live in every day.

There is life outside of anger over many minor issues that you do not see right now.

I know how to drive you to examine some minor events so you will be closer to me and everybody else in the world.

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