There are no certain words of encouragement that I can give you that will make you any different than you are now.

You hold the love of Jesus Christ close to your heart because you know how terrible your life used to be.

I live every day of your life with you like I am doing with every other person on the Earth.

The subject of my living with each person is a complex subject to approach for most people.

You hear that I am nowhere from among those that criticize me the loudest.

Why would somebody who does not believe I am real complain about my not helping them?

You are holding onto too much bias against people who claim to use logic with illogical complaints.

Look at all of the people who want to hear my voice to feel better about themselves.

It takes a simple act of faith to spend a couple of minutes listening to my voice speaking to you.

When more people read these words with sincerity, a percentage of them will start to hear what I say to them.

Everybody who hears what I say has an opportunity to find a better direction for their life.

I have many friends on this planet that follow the simple directions I give them to help their lives.


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Sheep Hear is encouraging Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.