Let go of what you are thinking about and focus on what you should be doing.

Your actions are more important than what you think about in the day.

You can invent the most fabulous objects and never put one together.

Listening to my voice should not inspire you to think about your life; it should inspire action.

I speak to people so they can act differently in their life.

Gideon altered his actions to help more than he imagined after I gave directions.

I make mighty men out of ordinary people.

How you look at yourself is more important than any other factor in reacting to my voice speaking to you.

Each person is unique in my sight and will have their direction different than others.

You wonder why I have you placing a lot of time working on this Sheep Hear ministry.

Nobody sees the world as Jesus Christ, and your life is impacted by doing those actions I ask you to do.

You hope your future will be different than it is now.

I am doing more with your life than you see right now.

The future is something you have to live in when you get there.

It is more critical for you to live your life today.

Sheep Hear:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.

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