You are not some blank piece of paper I see through the pages of a book.

I live your life with you and know what you feel every day.

The Holy Bible says I take a long time to get angry at people; this is because I know what they live through.

I want everybody to come to repentance, and I know how they feel about every situation they live through.

What you feel about how you live your life is unique to you in many ways.

The world is full of people who have feelings about how they think they should live their lives.

I see the nuances of each person as they face the world with the knowledge they live with every day.

It does not matter to you what anybody else is doing because they are not you.

Your life is important to you because, without your life, you would not be here.

I am not changing how I speak to you to write some entertaining words for the world to read.

We have friendly conversations each day.

You have more to do than writing a few words on the computer.

I am aware of everything you are living through in your life.

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