It doesn’t matter what you are doing; you are here with me now.

You have a place to listen to my voice, and if you were anywhere else, your life would be alright.

No place or time would change how you feel about how I altered your life.

Your dedication to making Jesus Christ a part of your life has taken you to be aware of me everywhere.

It is better for you to hear me speak to you than when you hoped to listen to what I would say to you one day.

Do not look to understand the world you live in by asking why everything is happening the way it is.

Find what you should be doing every day so your life will have a better feeling of completeness for you.

It is easy to be unsatisfied with anything if you are looking for more than what you have.

Do not worry about anybody reading what I say to you.

I am touching your life, and anybody who will read these words will be reading them with the Holy Spirit.

Every word you write is full of your faith in Jesus Christ as I enrich your life with my presence.

Your mind should be more peaceful when you are doing anything in your daily life.

Sheep Hear:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.

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