What you think is going to happen is usually wrong.

You do many things right and guess good at the outcomes of your work.

I will not give you all the answers you want at any time.

You have to live your life and make your daily decisions based on your best guess.

Let go of any fears you have of making the wrong decisions.

Everybody makes mistakes wherever they go.

Your life is better when you take the right actions with the knowledge that you can be wrong.

Most of the time, you make the wrong decisions.

You will not stop doing anything when you get things wrong.

It takes a lot of effort to keep moving forward with your plans when you make mistakes.

The tenacity you have to do what you think is right keeps you moving forward.

When you make better decisions, everything you do turns out better.

The help you get when you read these words is turning your focus onto the Holy Spirit as I live your life with you.

I am helping you to see how to live with your decisions.

You will pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ every day even though you know I am not popular with most people.

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