Do not worry about how much time you are spending listening to me.

It is better to have a peaceful mindset to start your day so you will not be agitated over little things.

Your attitude is more useful to you than anything else you possess.

You worry about what you are doing instead of how you are doing.

There are periods of your life that keep changing with time and what you do every day.

You will see more change coming up in your life because of what you are doing now.

The effect of where you put your effort makes a difference to you more than anybody else.

Many people have different things because they made some good choices in their life.

You have made some changes that are affecting your life today.

Move forward with your intentions so everything will be better for your life.

When you follow some simple directions I give you, they give you more options for your future.

You would not be where you are if you ignored me and did not write any of these words I speak to you every day.

Take the forward momentum that has developed in your life from participating in Sheep Hear.

I will bless your life in ways you do not expect to help you.

Sheep Hear:

Encourage Christian believers to have the faith to listen to the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to them every day.

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