It is easier for you to hear me when you have been talking to me for a while.

Sometimes, when you do not allow your mind to be peaceful, it can be challenging to connect with me for very long.

It took you many years to progress to an awareness of me that is conversational between us.

Many of your first writings were a few words on a piece of paper.

Sometimes in the past, you would listen to me for more extended periods.

Every time you hear what I say, it is not the same as any time before.

I do say many of the same things to you like you should have a peaceful mindset.

You are my friend, and know that what I say to you is accurate.

There are many times you do not hear what I say wholly or correctly.

It is easy for you to hear what I say to you without waiting for the entirety of what I am saying to you.

There is more peace in your mind when you do not get excited by what I show you.

This process of growing more aware of the Holy Spirit interacting with you is part of what we are doing together.

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